Soundproofing and acoustic insulation - ACÚSTICA INTEGRAL

Acoustic engineering

In acoustics is fundamental understanding of the characteristics of the materials used in a plant.


We manufacture products designed by our technical team for the best installation, appearance, durability and quality.

Design I+D

We work to improve the behavior of the sound wave, which implies, absorption, reverberation, diffraction, and refraction.


We perform turnkey projects for all noise problems that may arise.



Adapt our solutions to specific production processes for each industry. Intervene machine to machine.


We help professionals in their projects, architects, engineers...

Mass Media

Turnkey installations for TV studios, radio stations, dubbing studios and post-production, music halls, home cinema...


We care about the sound and vibration control on the outside, and work to solve problems of noise pollution.

Some featured products

Recent projects

Absorbent treatment with acoustic panels for a restaurant.

Acústica Integral has performed the absorbent treatment with acoustic panels for a restaurant that had an excess reverberation, by means ...

Acoustic clouds for a dining room area in offices.

Acústica Integral has carried out the absorbent treatment ...

Absorbent acoustic treatment for a meeting room

Acústica Integral has conducted the absorbent acoustic conditioning ...